Welcome to a unique ethno-bistro!

Here, the spirit of old times is fashioned by the modern ways of life, the working hours are fitted to everyone who lives fast, and the tastes are suited for everyone who loves gourmet food.

Our entire menu was created by top masters of the Balkan cuisine. In addition to the evergreen ćevapi like the rolled, Banja Luka or gourmet ones, dare to try the Elephant Ear (stuffed pljeskavica in lavash bread), Ćevaplija Spaghetti (grilled strips of marinated ramsteak) or Grandma’s Offspring (homemade chips with feta cheese) - you will be delighted!

And in case you’ve already had your lunch, pop in for a cup of coffee and irresistible desserts!

Ilije Garašanina 7, Belgrade, phone: 011 770 76 98 mobile: 062 561 592