Old ćevabdžinica in a completely new way.

Ćevaplija is a unique ethno-bistro concept, offering its guests the most delicious variants of the Balkan specialty called ćevapi.

Although ćevapi were introduced to Belgrade only at the end of the 19th century, they quickly became domesticated in this region, giving the most common and the most favourite answer to the eternal question: ’’What are we going to eat?’’

Try the pride of our kitchen - ćevapi, masterfully prepared from the highest quality minced meat. Ćevaplija, from Banja Luka, Niš, gourmet, rolled ćevapi... Although they come in endless variants, shapes, recipes and names, they are still the one and only – irreplacable ćevap.

What is lunch without something sweet to follow? The good old sweet-tooth of modern times, treat yourself with baklava, tulumba, a rice-pudding or a dessert of the day.

Ilije Garašanina 7, Belgrade, phone: 011 770 76 98 mobile: 062 561 592